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West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund

Energy Resources

PA Home Energy will compile and maintain a listing of resources to help homeowners identify ways to reduce their energy usage and build an energy library.

PA Home Energy At a Glance

Take control of your high energy bills. A brief synopsis of what is an energy audit and why build an ENERGY STAR house.



The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund and WPSU have developed a 27-minute public broadcast to educate homeowners on how they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The broadcast covers new home construction, energy audits in existing homes and affordable housing. If you own a home or are building or buying new, learn what you can do to reduce your energy use and save money. Watch the Energy@home DVD today!


Video Clips

TV Spots


The ENERGY STAR web site contains a wealth of information for homeowners and those who rent. Here are some selected sites:


New homes construction/ buying

Home Improvement



Common home problems

Home diagnostics

Learn more about how blower door testing and infrared cameras can be used as diagnostic tools to improve a home air sealing and insulation performance

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The GeoExchange is a good vendor-nuetral site for ground source heat pumps (geothermal heat pumps)

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

The USGBC is the nation’s leading organization on LEED designed building and LEED for Homes.

Fuel efficient transportation

A web site maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy that provides gas mileage tips, 2008 fuel economy guide, and alternative fuel vehicles.

On-Line Shopping

There are numerous on-line sites that offer a wide array of energy efficiency solutions for energy and water.

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